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We like to share our know-how. We’ve seen it time and again: the best way to learn things is to teach them to others. And so, one of the main pillars of what we do is knowledge-sharing. Rookie or vet, you’ll love what we have in store for you.


Here’s what we teach


Online courses run by seasoned pros. For anyone wanting to grow. 3 levels, beginner to advanced. Spanning 5 hours to 2 days. From prototyping and metrics, to behavioral economics and accessibility. Pick your major.


International UX-PM certification program is adressed to people working with products and those, who want to combine business and UX. Get to know UX methods and tools in order to guide your company through digital transformation process. Certificates provided by UX Alliance.

Design Leaders Masterclass

Comprehensive program for UX team leaders. It teaches you how to reach design maturity wherever you work at. Just so you can build the right products. Plus, make top companies want to work with you.

UX Upgrade Bootcamp

Crash course for those looking to transition into UX. This one walks you through the entire design process, and concludes with a real-life portfolio project. Pro tip: stand out and you might land a job with us.


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