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UX is not how it looks – it’s how it feels. We don’t just want to create an outstanding experience for the users, we want it to help you achieve your business goals. In the end, what matters are KPIs and business implications of the project.


Featured work

NETIA duży new
NETIA prawa

A versatile website for the many

Product Design
UX Research
UX Training
Netia is one of the biggest telecom operators in Poland. It targets both, B2B and B2C clients, whose needs, expectations, and customer service differ substantially.
BLIK duży new

Mobile payments made easy

Co-Creartion Workshops
Service Design
UX Research
BLIK is a payment method for Polish customers. It allows users to pay for their shopping, both online and offline, with the use of a 6-digit code they can find in their banking app
SANTANDER duże new
Name=santander4, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted right

UX study of a video-verification of bank account opening process

Ethnographic Research
We conducted an ethnographic study testing remote bank account opening at a client’s home during a video call with a bank consultant
MASTERCARD duży new 3
Mastercard 2 right
Quick mobile app payments made quicker
Product Design
Masterpass is a quick way to pay online. We focused on the app used to provide this payment service.
BLIK duże new
Self checkouts of the future
Product Design
UX Writing
M4B S.A. is the European market leader in Digital Signage, manufacturer and supplier of LCD monitors and LED screens, digital menu boards and totems, self-service kiosks and checkouts and special software.
MASTER CARD duże new
A versatile website for a variety of customers
Usability Testing
Mastercard is a provider of financial services, operating globally. They issue debit, credit, and prepaid cards to their holders throughout the world.
COMPENSA duże new
Total reconstruction of the website
Service Design
UX Research
We have built a consumer-friendly website that allows the remote purchase various forms of insurance.
Name=credit agricole, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted right
Concept and UI of mobile banking
UI Design
UX Design
We prepared the concept and UI of a modern mobile banking application, which went beyond the existing framework.
Name=ing, Device=Desktop, Variant=Normal
Name=ing, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Electronic banking development (My ING, usability testing + eye tracking)
Eyeracker Testing
Qualitative Testing
Our main challenge was verifying the users’ impressions towards the changes in the interface of the transaction system and the mobile application.
VIG duże nowe
Name=Vig, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Application project for appraisers
Product Design
Usability Testing
We have improved the design of the application for the loss adjusters.
TMOBIILE duże nowe
Name=T-mobile, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
A new version of the assistance channel
Service Design
UX Research
We have redesigned and implemented a new version of the client’s customer service.
Name=Intermarche, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
UX optimization of a mobile application
UX Design
UX Research
We have implemented consistent rules in the operation of many kinds of coupons, which has been well received by the consumers.
OLX duże nowe
Name=Olx, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Service design project of the OLX rental shop
Service Design
UX Research
We developed the concept of the rental service for OLX, which lowered the business risk on the investor’s side.
MASTERCARD 2 duże nowe
Name=Master Card 2, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Project of an innovative vending machine
Product Design
User Testing
We have made significant improvements to the vending process that made the service more understandable and user-friendly for consumers.
SANTANDER duże nowe
Chatbot – user-friendly interface
Chatbot Design
Service Design
We have provided a detailed report with a number of guidelines for the client about redesigning a chatbot generated content.
SANTANDER 3 duże nowe
Total redesign of online banking for companies – iBiznes 2.0
Service Design
UX Research
As a part of the new iBiznes 2.0 online banking software for business customers, we have introduced intuitive and functional solutions used so far only in products dedicated for individual customers.
Amica, Desktop, Normal
Amica,Desktop, right
UX optimisation of product sheets
Qualitative Testing
Usability Audit
We provided concrete indications of what should be improved in the product sheets. We also indicated the direction of the recommended improvements and development of the website.
VIG image small
VIG highlighted prawa
Comprehensive website preparation
Design System
Product Discovery
We have created a useful website for the client, which allowed the user to gain key information about the offer before the purchase.
Name=LOT, Device=Desktop, Variant=Normal
Name=LOT, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Redesigning the air ticket sales process
Stakeholder Workshops
User Testing
We designed an intuitive process for purchasing airline tickets, with an effective and unintrusive cross and upselling mechanism.
Name=Google, Device=Desktop, Variant=Normal
Name=Google, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Communication language research
Usability Testing
UX Writing
We prepared a report containing detailed recommendations for language changes in the Polish version of Google products.
Name=Vitalia, Device=Desktop, Variant=Normal
Name=Vitalia, Device=Desktop, Variant=Highlighted
Constant cooperation in UX/UI
Information Architecture
UI Design
We designed many of the brand’s key Vitalia Holia and Fitatu sub-pages and application screens.
GUS_Desktop_highlighted right-01
UX research of educational games for children
Qualitative Testing
Usability Testing
We conducted a comprehensive analysis of games. We checked to see if they are intuitive and interesting for users. Furthermore, we checked whether they have an educational value.
kruk higlighted prawa
A debt management platform
Business-Process Modeling
Graphic Design
We built an online platform for self-service debt repayment. The aim of the work was to create a tool that would attract more debtors and make it easier for them to repay their debts.
tubądzin small image
tubądzin higlighted prawa
Modern product catalogue – online shop design
Information Architecture
Product Discovery
We created a modern website for the company Tubądzin to support customers of different groups at all stages of purchase.
NETIA duży new
NETIA prawa
BACKUP Large-scale playtests – Wargaming
User Testing
Netia is one of the biggest telecom operators in Poland. It targets both, B2B and B2C clients, whose needs, expectations, and customer service differ substantially.

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