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Client: GUS

UX research of educational games for children

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The project concerned UX research on mobile educational games for children. As part of the work, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of games. We checked to see if they are intuitive and interesting for users. Furthermore, we checked whether they have an educational value. We verified the comprehensibility of tutorials and whether users can correctly play games from the client’s portfolio. As a result, the client received specific tips on what to improve in their products.



Our role
  • Qualitative testing
  • User testing
  • Usability testing


How to check whether GUS games are interesting and educational for the users?

Our main task was to find out whether GUS games are intuitive, are considered to be interesting and include an educational aspect.


How to improve games that are too difficult for young children?

As a result of the work carried out, the client received specific recommendations on what to improve in the games. He gained insights into how users use the games, what they like about them. The client found out that games can be too difficult for younger children. During the implementation, we verified the comprehensibility of the tutorials and determined whether users learn something about statistics, i.e. whether the games are educational. We also verified whether users are able to correctly play the games offered by the client and whether they perceive them as interesting and intuitive. As a result, the client received a complete set of information and we were invited to participate as supervisors in a Hackathon organized by GUS.

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