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Client: Santander (iBiznes 2.0)

Total redesign of online banking for companies – iBiznes 2.0

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We have created the iBiznes 2.0 internet banking software for corporate clients from the ground up. We took into account the customer needs, the voice of business, and benchmarking in Poland and abroad. This has resulted in a large-scale project: innovative, comprehensive, efficient, intuitive to use and equipped with UX metrics for the product.



Our role
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Desk Research
  • Qualitative Testing
  • Quantitative Testing
  • Value Proposition
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Prototyping
  • Information Architecture


Corporate banking project for business clients

Our main challenge was to prepare a comprehensive online banking project for corporate clients. We have conducted a series of detailed studies to this end. They have allowed us to create a comprehensive concept that takes into account customer needs analysis, the voice of business, and benchmarking in Poland and abroad. As a result, we have created two independent program prototypes. After user testing we chose the better of the two, which we refined in following stages of work, together with the implementation teams. Finally, we created a comprehensive design system and content strategy, and developed a UX metric for the product.


Optimal product with intuitive and functional solutions

As a part of the new iBiznes 2.0 online banking software for business customers, we have introduced intuitive and functional solutions used so far only in products dedicated for individual customers. This way, we created an optimal product, i.e. extensive in the sectors where it was necessary, and at the same time simple to use and efficient for users.

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