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Client: LOT

Design of a new UI for the airline ticket purchasing process

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We have designed a friendly process of purchasing airline tickets for the LOT company, which took into account the needs of users. We have increased the effectiveness of the cross and upselling mechanism. The UI project also took into account the possibility of using online shopping by blind and partially sighted people.




Our role
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Qualitative testing
  • Product discovery
  • Product prototyping
  • User testing
  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Workshops with stakeholders
  • Qualitative research
  • Product discovery
  • Product/service prototyping
  • Tests with users


How to design a user-friendly process for buying airline tickets?

The main challenge was to design an intuitive process of purchasing airline tickets, taking into account the needs of users, in order to increase the effectiveness of the cross and upselling mechanism.


How to merge intuitive purchasing with effective cross and upselling?

We designed an intuitive process for purchasing airline tickets, with an effective and unintrusive cross and upselling mechanism. The key concept behind the redesign of the process was to learn as much as possible about the customers’ needs and, on this basis, to suggest a class of travel and a set of additional services. Customers were not forced to specify the class of travel in the first step, but instead the system probed in a few simple questions their needs in terms of the expected comfort of the seat, meals, type of luggage they were traveling with, and as a result suggested one of six categories of ticket that would best suit their needs. This process was tested with the target group and achieved very good results. The UI design was developed in accordance to WCAG guidelines to enable blind and partially sighted people to be able to use the online purchase.

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