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Client: Mastercard

Project of an innovative vending machine

Property 1=mastercard 2

Within this project we have evaluated the concept of selling alcohol in a vending machine. We verified the age of people using the machine on the basis of card payments. We have implemented suggestions for improving the purchase process We also took into account the opinions of consumers regarding the the machine’s appearance and location.



Our role
  • Qualitative Testing
  • UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Product Prototyping


Vending machine selling alcohol – concept verification

Our main challenge was to change the existing habit of using payment cards for a purpose other than payment. The innovation was age verification for the users who buy alcohol in an alcohol vending machine (in this case: beer) and pay for it with a payment card. Our goal was to design a process that would guide a user in an intuitive way and do not cause any confusion. 


Improvements making the purchase process understandable for customers

We have introduced improvements that made the purchase process with age verification more understandable for consumers. We have collected opinions about the age verification stage among people who used payment cards to pay for the alcoholic drink in a vending machine, and on the sale of alcohol in vending machines itself. We gathered information about the idea of selling high-percentage alcoholic beverages in a vending machine: if it is appropriate, useful, and if it carries any risks. Furthermore, we took into account users’ opinions on the location of the vending machine, as well as their suggestions about its external appearance.

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