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Client: VIG TFI

Comprehensive website preparation

VIG hero banner laptop2

As part of the project, we have created a useful website for the client. We prepared the UX strategy and a coherent brand image on the web. The website made it easy to search for the best products in the cart VIG TFI/C-Quadrat. The clear and appealing form of communication with the user allowed gaining key information about the offer before the purchase.



Our role
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Desk research
  • Value propositio
  • Product discovery
  • Product prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • User testing
  • UI Design
  • Design system


How to make a website for an investment fund useful for the client?

Our task was to prepare a UX strategy, web image and design a website for an emerging investment fund company. We carried out the project for Vienna Insurance Group and Austrian company C-Quadrat.


An elegant and intuitive website for anyone interested in investing in funds

As part of the project, we have carried out complex work which resulted in the creation of a useful website for customers. As part of the work, we introduced many values, which allowed different groups of clients to find the best product from the offer VIG/C-Quadrat TFI. First time users could use the selection tool. While more advanced users could search for more detailed information. All groups could learn about the offer in a clear and attractive way and obtain key information before making a purchase.

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